MUSIC and ME improves your family's world through musical activities. Our online courses do this by: 
  • enhancing parent and child relationships,
  • strengthening patterns of brain development in the child,
  • increasing music appreciation and knowledge,
  • improving child's creative play and
  • bringing fun and discovery into your busy day.

"[Kristin,] You are the best music teacher in the world. ... No one will ever be as good as you. You will always be the best."

- Julie

image of Kristin Shaeffer teaching music to a toddler.
Kristin Shaeffer, music teacher extraordinaire

Hi, I am Kristin.

I am so excited to sing with you!

Kristin Shaeffer has a BS degree in elementary education and MA in education and learning design and technologies. She has taught general music, musical theater, and piano to hundreds of youth for more than 30 years. Each of her own 5 children play piano, a string instrument and sing! 

She says, "I love children and children love music."

Music and Me will enrich your life and train your child in many more ways than learning songs.